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Muse: Michelle Wangu

Make Up Artist: Make Up City

Photography: Lensqueen.ke

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Hello! Telkom Kenya has revamped and is not looking back. Cheers to the marketing team on that and all other respective parties involved.

That aside…have you been keeping up with the Telkom Next Move County tours? Their parties are LIT.

Featuring the Nairobi edition in this post.


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Attending really cool events is just one of the perks that come with working under Lyra Aoko Media

The Google Arts & Culture  launch was held at African Heritage House which is situated in Mlolongo. The heat there…feels like you’re literally few metres away from the sun. Ok I’m exaggerating but it was quite hot there.

The theme was African and it was elating to see everyone stick to the dress code. The theme also blended in perfectly well with the location. It felt great to see how much people are proud to own their culture which I was afraid had started fading away…

We went by train from Nairobi to Mlolongo and back!!! Not the SGR one but we got to see the SGR train guys…whoop! whoop! ✋✋


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QUEENOne of my cousins told me that when you get past the 20s you can hack life… I now get why she said that.  I wrote this to all the ladies that are in their 20s, to the ones that want to reminisce about their youth life and most importantly, to those that are yet to clock two decades in this world.


I have never been so fully and authentically myself in my writing as this. 1


“Young, black, lady…


You have flaws. You will have to embrace your flaws.


If you don’t do this, you will be unwillingly ridiculed by the society,


Where long kinky hair is currently the trend, the flashy lace wigs that are apparently meant to look like real human hair, (mostly white women’s hair)


Oh the frontals that have perfectly laid edges that mak it look as if they have been sown onto your hairline,


Not forgetting the perfectly shaped eyebrows that rub off when you dab your eyes.


You do not need these things so that you can feel beautiful or validated.


Your hair, kinky, short, long, curly is perfectly fine the way it is.


Your eyebrows, full or thinned, are perfectly fine just as they are.


Young, black, lady…

You need to look at your astounding beauty in the mirror more often,

Preferably before you wear your foundation.

That, what you see in the mirror, is beauty that one cannot fathom. Meagre words cannot explain the beauty that you possess.


You will need to give yourself positive affirmations on this because the society is so socialized into believing that light toned ladies are highly regarded and the dark toned ladies are somewhat substandard.


You have to proud to be in your skin. You must do this or you will feel inferior and this might crash you.


Young, black, lady…


You DO NOT need a man to substantiate your worth,


Never stoop too low for men, because you are a raging fire that should not be dimmed,


That fiery fire, that power you have, oh woman, should never be extinguished.


But also be so careful as to not look down on men for they need not feel emasculated.


My stress is on equality.


My stress is that not a given time should your femininity be regarded as a mere object.


You are a QUEEN. Please never forget that.


Young, black, lady…


Your breasts are beautiful just as they are, nothing as too big or too small,


Who set the standards anyway?


Your beautiful behind perfectly placed, not too round or too flat.


You need not wear padded bras and panties to enhance your features.


Again…NO MAN needs to make you feel unworthy with these features regardless of the ‘size’.


Such savages are some men that call you thick and forget to add ‘beautifully’. Beautifully thick.


You must not allow to be objectified. No one should show disdain for your femininity.


A tool for sex. You ARE more than just sex. Much more than just the 20mins act or is it 30mins? >>>


You need to be proud of your virginity. Spread your legs wide only to your spouse. Oh spread them to only your spouse.


Young, black, lady…


Party and live life fully especially in your youth.


It is OK to order for beer in clubs. It is NOT just for males.


Make sure you do not get too drunk to stand on your feet. Don’t get too drunk to the point you cannot recall the past night’s events.


Ensure that the sun rises when you are in your mother’s house. Also, never go home drunk. Sober up before you go home.


As a sign of respect towards your parents.


Young, black, lady…


I do not want to seem like I’m fulminating against life, but this is what life was in my 2nd decade.


I want it to be positively different for you, walk through it armed with this.


Never should you forget about God, for He led me through dreaded days when I’d feel like my life was  gradually dwindling away to nothing.


You will need God. Both in good and bad times. Oh, you will NEED God.”


-Nicole Wandera.






“Remember your triggers. Practise mindfulness. Not everything deserves a response. First, swim. Then save others from drowning.”


-Ijeoma Umebinyuo BEAUTY

I got the amazing dress from Jane who is a personal shopper. She literally gives life to your dreams. Not forgetting to mention that she gives you the advantage of working within your budget.

My Make Up was done by Make Up City. She does wonders! Look out for her make up tutorial on how she achieved this look on me. She also took these photos!! She could double up as a photographer too!



I recently visited the Giraffe centre courtesy of Everyday Kenya. ( I KISSED A GIRAFFE GUYS!!! 😊 😊 Couldn’t wait to say this! ) I must admit that I felt nostalgic for this place as I was walking in. It brought back memories of the good old primary school days when I’d visit this place on school trips. Such an elation! 7

Giraffes are honestly amongst the most beautiful creatures in this world! Have you seen the perfectly applied liquid eyeliner underneath their eyelids? So flawless. Only God can hack such strokes btw. They have these long beautifully curled lashes that leave you in so much awe and envious too I must admit…14

Thanks to John, who was an impeccable guide at the centre, I got to learn a few things about giraffes that I had absolutely no idea about.

·         There are three types of giraffes: Reticulated, Rothschild and Maasai giraffes. They are categorized according to the patterns on their skin.

·         Giraffes do not close their eyes while sleeping. THEY STAY WOKE 😃

·         They give birth while standing up.

·         New born giraffes are about 1.5metres tall. Some of us took 16 years to get to this height lol 😂😂

·         Giraffes have antiseptic saliva.


Kindly refer to the last point in case you get grossed out… 2

There was instant gratification after kissing this giraffe! OFF MY BUCKET LIST 🙏


It’s a place you must visit guys. Add it to your to-do list and thank me later!

 The really cool people I got to share the experience with. (From top left: Jaybee, Dadee and Nataly)

😍 Thank you for reading 😍. Lensqueen.ke


YAAAS! Nyama mama at Delta towers now has a breakfast (7am-11am) and late night (11:30pm-4am) menu. I still wonder why I’m living along Mombasa Road. Ok at least we got to see a lion a few metres away…instead of having to go all the way to the park. 💃💃


The first thing that met my eye when I walked into Nyama Mama was the amazingly beautiful décor. Everything that I’ve dreamt of having in my house. Ankara pillows, antique leather seats and dimly lit frames on the wall. Such an ethereal beauty.



The first thing we were presented with were the cocktails…Yeah…look at my life 😇 They were packaged in tiny cute bottles and they had intriguing names such as: Mom’s pom, Pith helmet and Charcoal pit. Charcoal pit had to be my favourite! Never imagined that I’d be comfortable having  charcoal in my drink. Had it been a tacky restaurant I’d have probably asked for the manager and a refund. (I’m a Kenyan I have to complain to the manager and he must be in a suit and a badge written ‘MANAGER’ otherwise staki kusikia)  The charcoal pit had a rich taste: subtle flavor and a velvety texture. Just beautiful. I like the fact that they take into consideration the gender aspect when making the cocktails. Neither too feminine nor masculine. Now men don’t have to feel like sissies anymore when ordering for cocktails. In fact when ordering the charcoal pit make sure you mention “Ile iko na makaa ndani” Thank me later. 😉 The other thing on the menu that I fell in love with was the fried chicken waffle. BEST CHICKEN THAT HAS EVER BEEN IN MY MOUTH. I’m not even joking. Crispy, savoury and juicy. Such a bliss. 😇



Nyama-mama-4Nyama-mama-11Nyama-mama-13Nyama-mama-14Nyama-mama-15The Nyama mama at Delta has a warm atmosphere that makes you feel at home. I’d spend hours there and not even notice that time has gone by. It’s definitely a restaurant you MUST go to. Also…I heard they’ll be opening a branch along Mombasa road, at Capital Centre. Don’t spread rumours 😋 😋


I also got to meet really cool people 🙌🙌🙌

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This was also my first day as an intern at Lyra Aoko Media. Lyra is just the best!! Heaven sent 💃💃

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